Dr M Osman Gani

Dr Osman pic

Dr M Osman Gani   MBBS, MRCGP (INT), MRCP (UK) is working as Associate Professor of Medicine in Dhaka Central International Medical College. After passing MBBS Dr M Osman Gani worked in different levels of health facilities including rural health services in home and abroad by which he gathered a lot of experiences in the field of Medicine. For a significant period of time he was involved in medical research also. In 2010, he passed MRCGP (INT) and consequently he became a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, United Kingdom. In 2012, Dr M Osman Gani passed MRCP(UK) and now the member of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (London). Attending many national and international medical conferences he exchanged the views with many world experts in medical fields. All the things stimulated him to launch a program which cover all the medical professional`s needs of time.

Having a bright academic career from the student life in Chittagong Medical College Dr M Osman Gani gathered a lot of experiences in medical teaching started from his studentship while helping his peers for their exams. He was always thinking of a world standard medical education in native country. After achieving memberships of both the Royal College of General Practitioners (United Kingdom) and the Royal College of Physicians (London) he developed a unique, scientific method of teaching in Medicine consistent with the neurolinguistics of human brain. A significant numbers of postgraduate doctors under study in home and abroad are in the direct or indirect supervision of Dr M Osman Gani.

The method and contents of MRCP(UK) teaching by him in this academy will prove the excellence and competence of the course. Moreover lessons in the course designed by Dr M Osman Gani will make the doctor  an efficient clinician as well as competent candidate for any other postgraduate exam in the world.

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