MRCP(UK) Preparation Course

MRCP(UK) Preparation

MRCP (UK) is a symbol of excellence in the medical profession. Worldwide it is a recognized achievement for a doctor`s whole life. The examination system of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (RCP), United Kingdom is time tested.

Regular updating of the examination system in an evolutionary manner made the system an unparalleled one. RCP is successful to ensure quality & standard of the exams by their continuous transformational change. The outcome of the exams is excellent to meet the need of the patient & hospital as well.

RCP is trying to set a worldwide standard of medical practice to face the challenge of clinical problems new or emerging.

MRCP (UK) consists of 2 part examination. Part 1 is only written, part 2 is of written and practical (PACES). Recently, questionnaires were answered by recently passed MRCP (UK) candidates.

MRCP (UK) Pathway

63% responders felt that READING is an important part of preparation for part 1 although reading must be specifically examination-orientated rather than the general reading of reference texts or journals etc. Practice with former or simulated papers was the most effective method of achieving success in part 1 opinioned by 100% responders.

97% opinioned, clinical experience is absolutely vital for success in part 2 but it this must be complemented by specifically examination orientated teaching from the senior guide. 78% responders rated commercially organized courses are helpful for part 2. The objective of courses is to judge candidates own standard of performance against their peers before attempting the examination.

6 General Tips For Planning Of Study

  1. More time for more frequent topics in the examination. 
  2. More time for topics in which you are weaker 
  3. Revising for very long periods without a break is not effective revision 
  4. Choose good quality MCQ containing expanded explanations to each question, this is much quicker and more time effective than finding the explanation in a textbook 
  5. It is important to spend some time on all subjects rather than too long on only a few topics 
  6. MRCP questions are set about 12 months in advance of the exam date, so do not waste time reading last week’s journals 


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