MRCP Teaches More Than It Tests

By current evolution of exam system by the Royal College, practical exam (PACES) already overcome the artificial barriers of candidates performances. Examiner`s role in PACES is really secondary. A candidate faces the clinical cases like a real life problems. Examiners only try to fill the gaps in clinical consultations & examinations.

A clinician must need 7 skills to face any clinical problem. These are

1. Physical examination
2. Identifying physical signs
3. Clinical communications
4. Differential diagnoses
5. Clinical judgment
6. Managing patient concerns
7. Maintaining patient welfare.

To be a successful candidate, an examinee is to score well in all 7 skills. This is the secret of successful achievement in the exam. This achievement is guiding a medical professional in a holistic manner to bring the best outcome for the patient.

How To Get Prepared For PACES

Better to be in a group. Three members group is the best one so that each one can play role as Examiner, Candidate and Patient in a sequence. Make video of your performance and criticize after the episode.

Make the environment as similar as PACES. Be friendly to use sanitizer, follow the allocated time, use appropriate instruments etc.

Make variations during rehearsal. For example- practice History, Communication station at one half the day AND practice clinical station at other half.

If possible, get help from Seniors who already passed MRCP. Get relaxed on the day before exam.

PACES BASIC (8 or 4 Month) Course Details


PACES BASIC (8 or 4 Month) Batch Enrollment 2018


Course Inaugural 

Registration Closing Available Seat

January 4th / 5th week

21 January OVER

March 4th / 5th week

21 March OVER

May   4th / 5th week

21 May OVER

July 4th week

21 July YES

October 1st week

21 September YES

November  4th / 5th week

21 November YES

PACES EXAMINEE/ Intensive batch- 2018:

Examination Diet

Course Inaugural Registration Closing Available Seat


February 1st week 21 January 2018 OVER


June 1st  week 21 May 2018 YES


October 1st week 21 September 2018 YES

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