MRCP(UK) Part 2 (Written)

MRCP Teaches More Than It Tests

Part 2 exam is really challenging but ultimate need of a medical professional. Candidate gets the chance to prove his/her competence as a perfect professional.

Part 2 is divided into written and practical (PACES) part.

MRCP Part 2 Written Examination

Royal Colleges of Physicians wants the candidates must have MINIMUM knowledge, skill & attitude so that a doctor can make a perfect clinical decision for the patient.  But to attain this “MINIMUM”, candidate is to travel along the whole medicine. It covers almost all the medical topics of professional need encompassing world perspective.

DOAMS MRCP Activities For Part 2 Written:

1. Each Sunday/Wednesday Class of 3/6 hours  for BASIC/ INTENSIVE batch both in-PERSON / ONLINE LIVE

2. Complete Mock


4. Online Clinical Picture and Videos

5. Online Discussion Forum

Characteristics of The Courses:

1. Course materials are prepared after long time piloting and observation keeping in mind the psychological status of both the candidates and Royal college question setter.

2. Class schedules are oriented in a logical subject related sequences.

3. Clinical scenario based discussion class will give the candidate an impression of virtual clinical practice.

4. High yielding system wise scenario based discussion of questions covering latest development in medical sciences will make the candidate highly confident to appear the examination.

5. Memorizing the topic will be based on core knowledge rather than complicated mnemonics. Though some simpler mnemonics are developed for convenient learning.

6. Each class will be always with a brain storming session.

7. Clinical photograph and Videos session will glamour the course more.

8. MOCK examination will cover almost all exam related questions of clinical scenario.

9. Using latest audio visual multimedia system will overcome many technical barriers of learning.

10. Online attachment of all the candidates (current or previous) will give candidate a feeling of “Study in a Family Bondage”.

11. Wide range of clinical discussion will make doctor a competent clinician in Internal Medicine as well as will prepare the candidate for other postgraduate examinations.

Part 2 Written – Basic/Intensive (in-person & Online Live Batch)

Part 2 Written BASIC/ INTENSIVE In-PERSON / ONLINE LIVE Enrollment 2018:

Examination Diet 

Course Inaugural Registration Closing Available Seat

2018/ 1

February 1st week 21 January 2018 OVER


 April 1st week 28 March 2018 OVER


September 1st week 31 August 2018 YES

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