Part 1 | In-Person Course

MRCP Teaches More Than It Tests

Part 1 (written) examination is actually the preparation for more challenging part 2. A broad range of basic & clinical knowledge is tested in a relatively simple but realistic manner. Questions & answers designed are not only based on therapeutic decision, rather it encompasses the holistic need of a patient. Questions are also of different strength like easy, medium, hard. Expecting 100% score is not realistic. Average knowledge is sufficient to pass part 1 exam. Part 1 written consists of 2 papers to be attempted in same day.

In part 1 exam, statistically it is found that highest pass rate (70%) achieved by candidates who appear early (between 12 and 24 months after graduation). Pass rate is less if candidates appear later.

How To Get Prepared For Part 1 Written Examination

No textbook of medicine is 100% perfect. Main thing is to gather principle information of medicine. Any recognized text book is sufficient for this. One thing is very important. Medicine is to be learnt in a group. Moreover, there are some concise book for guiding MRCP candidates. These books gathered most relevant information for MRCP exams.

Mind that, these books help only if candidate has previous basic medical knowledge. Most of the questions are clinical. So after reading a topic of disease, candidate is to think of a clinical scenario. Thinking of age, sex, occupation are must in addition to other relevant clinical data.

DOAMS Plan For Part 1 Course:

Candidates will be categorized as ‘Beginner’ & ‘Advanced’ batch for BASIC Course. This Part 1 Basic course will help also to prepare future Part 2 Written exam. Class Time Friday Morning (9:30am-12:30pm) and Tuesday Evening (3:30pm- 6:30m)

Fresh medical graduate should start as ‘Beginner’  in 8 month course for basic & thorough information store. ‘Advanced’ candidates who already has wider medical knowledge can complete the course in 4 months. Discussion topics of Friday are different from Sunday topics because we arranged the class topics in 4 blocks of combination of different systems with logical  intelligent sequences to keep the relationship among the subjects.  (please see  Class Details given below). Each block is continued for 2 months.

Blocks are rotated accordingly to complete the course. `Beginner` candidate can choose Friday OR Sunday batch  to complete single block in 2 months. `Advanced` candidate is to continue both Friday AND Sunday batch to complete 2 blocks in parallel in 2 months. NEW CANDIDATE CAN REGISTER ANY BLOCK IN EVERY 2 MONTHS. We hope, a successful outcome will be ensured from this 5-10 months program according to categorized candidate.

We have ONLINE LIVE Course also for distant Candidate in home and abroad. Candidate can appear our ONLINE MOCK Examination.

A candidate might not see some clinical findings live in his/her learning or practice period. Of course, there are some rare diseases with rare findings. Our program collected many of such video clips for study purpose.

DOAMS MRCP Activities for Part 1:

  1. Friday Morning AND/ Or Tuesday Evening Classes for BASIC batches
  2. ONLINE LIVE Class
  3. Complete Mock Examination Series
  4. Topic wise online suggestion eg HTN, DM, Thyroid disorder etc
  5. Online MRCP Question challenge, Clinical picture and Videos
  6. Online Discussion Forum

Characteristics of The Courses:

  1. Courses are designed for all categories (Weak or Advanced) of candidates. Course materials are prepared after long time piloting and observation keeping in mind the psychological status of both the candidates and Royal college question setter. Our pilot course already ensured near 100% success in the exam.
  2. Class schedules are oriented in a logical subject related sequences.
  3. Clinical scenario based discussion class will give the candidate an impression of virtual clinical practice.
  4. High yielding system wise suggestions and important notes covering latest development in medical sciences will make the candidate highly confident to appear the examination.
  5. Memorizing the topic will be based on core knowledge rather than complicated mnemonics. Though some simpler mnemonics are developed for convenient learning.
  6. Each class will be always with a brain storming session.
  7. Clinical photograph and Videos session will glamour the course more.
  8. MOCK examination will cover almost all exam related questions of clinical scenario.
  9. Using latest audio visual multimedia system will overcome many technical barriers of learning.
  10. Online attachment of all the candidates (current or previous) will give candidate a feeling of “Study in a Family Bondage”.
  11. Wide range of clinical discussion will make doctor a competent clinician in Internal Medicine as well as will prepare the candidate for other postgraduate examinations.

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